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Have you ever wanted to cut a straight line in your wood? Well, now you can make it with the best track saws. It’s an innovative new saw that cuts along a track and leaves behind an utterly straight edge. So you’ll never have to worry about crooked lines again.

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of a best-track saw. They might think it’s too complicated or requires experienced woodworkers to use one, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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The Track Saw is easy-to-use and saves time on any project; it’s like having an extra set of hands around the house. And don’t worry about getting tired from holding up the saw. All of the best track saws in 2024 will have wheels, so they can be pushed or pulled across your work surface as needed. It’s like a hand-held power tool you can use to cut through just about any material with ease. Making accurate, precise cuts without having to worry about kickback or blade wear is what makes this tool so great.

So if you’re in the market for something new and exciting to help your woodworking projects go smoothly, be sure to check out our list of track saw comparisons here.

Top 5 Best Track Saws of 2023

Here’s a list of five top-rated track saw reviews for you to ponder over and help you decide which one is the perfect fit for your needs.

Makita SP6000J Plunge Track Saw

Brand: Makita
Color: Blue
Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Wood
Power Source: Corded Electric


Color: Multi
Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Wood
Power Source: Cordless

WEN CT1065 Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

Brand: WEN
Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Wood
Power Source: AC
Included Components: Track Saw

Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw

Brand: KREG
Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Wood
Power Source: Corded Electric
Special Feature: Brake

BOSCH Tools Track Saw

Brand: BOSCH
Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation: Wood
Power Source: Corded Electric
Special Feature: Spindle Lock
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Makita SP6000J Plunge Track Saws

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2″ Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with Stackable Tool case and 55″ Guide Rail, Blue
makita sp6000j plunge track saw

Tired of the limitations your old table saw puts on you? Try the Makita SP6000J1 track Saw Kit and experience a whole new world of freedom. The construction of this plunge saw with guide rail is sturdy enough for any task, whether it be cutting wood sheets vertically or horizontally.

It’s perfect for crown moulding and lumber cutting as it enables you to take plunge cuts through long pieces with precision and accuracy. Your only limitation will be how fast you can go, making this the best track saw on the market.

The electronic speed control of this best track saw system maintains constant speeds, no matter how much load is on the blade. You can adjust the perfect pace with the variable-speed control dial ranging from 2,000 to 5,200 RPM to match your cutting needs. It helps you produce smooth and splinter-free cuts every time for your project.

You don’t need to fumble around with taking measurements or making meticulous adjustments before cutting. Just plunge right in. It features a full range of bevel lock angles (-1 to 48 degrees) that provide extended cutting accuracy.

A powerful 12.0 AMP motor means it can cut down almost anything in sight. Furthermore, an adjustable blade guard increases safety.

Makita SP6000J Plunge Track Saw
Makita SP6000J Plunge Track Saw
  • The blade stays sharp, even after heavy use.
  • You can easily cut close to a wall.
  • Rubber handles reduce hand fatigue.
  • Adjustable speed as per your requirement
  • The power cord is short to switch in for big projects

Final Verdict

Sawing through sheets of wood and cutting up boards is a breeze with the Makita plunge cut saw Kit. This track saw kit would stand tall against all your tough jobs.



DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX* Circular Saw, 6-1/2-Inch, Cordless TrackSaw Kit (DCS520T1)
dewalt flexvolt max circular saw

The DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Circular Saw is a unique and handy tool that brings you many features with the comfort and efficiency needed for fast work in different types of jobs. Before this tool, time never felt so good. With this track saw kit, you can beam with pride after your first perfect cut.

Cut your wood with precision and style; you deserve it. This Dewalt cordless track saw kit includes a 60V MAX circular saw, a 6-1/2” circular saw blade for wood and metal, a non-slip grip, a blade wrench, and a hardware bag plus 20V Max Lithium-Ion batteries, charger, and convenient carrying case.

The Dewalt circular saw guide rail features the TrackSawTM cutting system, which allows you to cut straight lines (without all those annoying jagged splinters) and save on time. The zero-clearance track guarantees a perfect edge at every cut. So cut with precision for any job around the house.

Dewalt track saw kit is safer, smaller, and more potent With its continuous anti-kickback mechanism and riving knife that prevents kickback, you can construct anything with ease.

  • You will have a high-voltage battery.
  • The high-end blade cuts faster and more efficiently.
  • Get clean, straight cuts every time.
  • A little bit expensive
  • The kickback arm is not well designed

Final Verdict

Its compact design is perfect for tight corners while still being light enough to be applied in different worksite areas. So look no further for your next big project.


WEN CT1065 Sidewinder Circular Best Track Saws

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw
wen ct1065 sidewinder circular track saw

This power tool is perfect for general contractors, flooring, roofing, and other trades that rely heavily on wood products. So get back to ripping boards and making internal cuts close in with the WEN CT1065 Plunge Cut Track Saw.

Now you don’t need an expensive miter saw to cut through the wood in narrow spaces. It boasts a 45˚ angle left or right, which opens up infinite possibilities for how you can cut your wood. This plunge-cut track saw from Wen is perfect for cutting all those tricky shapes and angles.

This plunge saw includes a 6.5-inch, 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade with a 20-mm arbor and three different blade settings that help you easily switch between different cutting modes. The embedded blades can handle 1–5/8-inch-thick boards, and you never have to worry about the blade wobbling again.

It has an efficient motor that only uses 10 AMP and spins up to 5500 times per minute. The powerful motor and fast circular saw blade mean slicing through wood pieces like butter.

WEN CT1065 Sidewinder Circular Track Saw
WEN CT1065 Sidewinder Circular Track Saw
  • Three adjustable settings for blades
  • It’s perfect for plunge cutting
  • More stable base
  • back-mounted dust port
  • Heavy to carry
  • Anti-kickback is not perfect

Final Verdict

Customer reviews report increased speed and decreased fatigue when using this powerful saw versus a traditional handheld cutting blade or circular saw.


Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saws

Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System, Saw and Guide Track Kit
kreg acs2000 adaptive cutting system saw

The Kreg ACS2000 is a leading innovation in table-saw size and affordability. This high-tech tracksaw can be ready to cut in seconds and features new technology that will allow you to shape the material from either side. This slim and sleek track saw system fits right over any table or benchtop and makes quick work out of solid wood boards and other sheet goods.

Kreg’s Adaptive Cutting System saw is ideal for simple cutting tasks. It has a powerful blade and advanced safety features, allowing you to get your work done in less time with peace of mind. With its 48-tooth blade, this saw cuts through projects like a hot knife through butter with ease.

The Kreg track saw kit is made perfect by its 62-inch track saw guide rail and anodized aluminium blade guard. The anti-chip strip helps prevent crosscuts from snagging, and the dual anti-slip strips help protect your fingers. It also includes two saw glide strips.

The saw track system has an integrated dust-collection bag for keeping your workspace clean while you work. So you can get the job done with a little less sawdust.

Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw
Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw
  • Long guide rail 
  • Durable blade
  • Portable Design
  • Less in Weight
  • Not perfect for new wood makers
  • New blades are available within the same company 

Final Verdict

When you want massive cuts, a large table saw can be cumbersome to use. The convex geometry design of the Kreg ACS2000 works off or on the project table.


BOSCH Tools Track Saw

BOSCH Tools Track Saw – GKT13-225L 6-1/2 In. Precision Saw with Plunge Action & Carrying Case
bosch tools track saw

This BOSCH Track Saw has been crafted to cut both straight cuts and angles with precision. Its pivoting blade system is a handy single-bevel pivot point that lets you incisively position the track for bevel cuts and non-bevel cuts. Using a track saw from Bosch, you can work smart by freeing up your mind from all the sawing calculations.

This track saw with plunge action is the perfect tool for ripping in a single step. The plunge mechanism allows you to take a very accurate and precise depth of cut while ensuring safety.

You can make plunge cuts up to 6 inches deep easily with this heavy-duty, precision saw.

Now, you don’t need to worry about the motor overheating with this track saw from BOSCH. This track saw maintains speed under load without bogging you down. Moreover, overload protection will be your friend when you’re making delicate cuts since it won’t cut out in the middle of a job.

BOSCH Tools Track Saw
BOSCH Tools Track Saw
  • Accuracy
  • Dust extraction capability
  • Overheating protection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not perfect for square cuts

Final Verdict

The saw is versatile and built for the jobs in your life. It comes with a single bevel pivot point, but you’ll need to buy one of its tracks separately when it’s time to use two different angles on one project.


We hope you enjoyed this article about the best track we saw. As we mentioned, it is a powerful and portable saw that you can use for cutting wood or other materials in your home or workshop.  However, it’s important to remember that the blade needs enough room around it for parts of the wood or metal not to be cut off, so they don’t interfere with your work.


Can any circular saw be used as a track saw?

A track saw is a type of circular saw that uses a guide. A circular saw is a common tool in many construction and woodworking projects, but what if you need to use it as a track saw?  In order for the blade on your circular saw to function properly as a track saw, the teeth must be specially designed. Well, some circular saws can work as both types of saws.

Can I use a track saw without a track?

There are some situations where using your track saw without a guide rail or mitre slot could be more convenient than using one with a guide like when you need to make cuts at an angle.

what are the advantages of a track saw over a classic table saw?

A track saw is a type of circular saw that has a flexible blade mounted to the top of an arm. The arm can move in either direction on tracks, which means you can cut curves and angles much easier than with a classic table saw. You also get more control over the blade compared to using just your hands with a hand-held circular saw.

Do you have a preference between a miter saw and a track saw?

If you’re looking for a saw that’s more versatile than a mitre saw but not quite as heavy-duty as a track saw, then the circular saw is what you’re looking for.  The circular saw was designed to take care of all your basic tasks and can be used on any kind of material.

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